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Identity and Access Management for enterprise workplace teams

  • Cloud single sign-on (SSO) to any cloud and on-premises web app
  • Pre-integrated with Zendesk, MailChimp, Salesforce.com, and a lot more
  • Delivers Multi-Factor Authentication for each user
  • Works with multiple platforms and devices
  • Integrated with Google Directory

Identity and Access Management for the Cloud

Portadi is an IAM SaaS solution that allows teams and companies to manage users and provide one-click access to cloud applications like Salesforce.com, Office 365, Zendesk, or MailChimp. Portadi is a freemium product, with free and paid plans.

Simplify user access to any cloud app

Cloud single sign-on (SSO) through Portadi simplifies user access to thousands of cloud applications. Users can use their favorite browser including Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Portadi is also available as an iOS app for the iPhone and iPad. Users have all team applications in their personalized access panel and can launch each application with a single click.

Eliminate password for apps

Portadi replaces all team password managers with a centrally managed IDaaS solution. Users no longer need to store or access app passwords in personal password managers or shared documents. Admins can regain full control of the security of apps and app credentials, especially for shared passwords.

Fast on-boarding and off-boarding

Portadi works with internal and external users. New employees can access all their applications on their first day. External users, like contractors, freelancers, or agencies can get temporary access - and again you control what they can sign into and see what they do in real-time.

Protect sensitive data and applications

Portadi Multi-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security. Portadi MFA is integrated with Google Authenticator and when enabled, it forces 2-factor authentication to the Portadi access panel, effectively extending 2FA to all team and personal apps. Portadi captures access data in real-time, allowing you to monitor access to private cloud (custom apps behind the firewall) and public cloud apps.

Have regular password rotation

Portadi allows all users to reset their passwords as well as to change them regularly according to the corporate identity policy. Application admins can change passwords for their web apps regularly, which will be transparently used by all Portadi users.

Self-service for every user

Users can add their own accounts anytime to their personal access panel. Portadi has pre-integrated hundreds of public apps to choose from and users can request new apps directly from Portadi.

Enterprise Scale and SLA

Portadi is a cloud-based IAM vendor. Portadi is designed for high-availability and enterprise-level security. Portadi’s micro-services architecture provides high level of service resiliency delivering a 99.9% SLA. Portadi is hosted in the AWS Cloud.

Cloud authentication and access management

Portadi provides form-based authentication to cloud apps. The extensive list of pre-integrated public web apps is located at www.portadi.com/applications. Portadi’s advanced login heuristics works with public apps and services not listed in the application catalog as well as with custom server apps, that are self hosted in private clouds or data centers.

Simplify compliance reporting

Audit log in Portadi provides a real-time insight into how users interact with their app access panel and who had access to what applications and when. Access Matrix shows in one dashboard view how access rights are distributed across the organization.

Your team app directory for cloud apps

Provide access to all teams apps directly from Portadi. Centrally manage employees, agencies, consultants and freelancers and control their access to internal and cloud web applications.