Portadi will shut down on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Cloud access panel for teams

All your accounts in one place.

See who got access to what.

It is delightfully simple

App discovery

Find all work and personal accounts and web apps in one single location.

Cloud single sign-on

Sign in to any cloud or on-premises application with a single click.

Shared team passwords

Share access to apps and online accounts without sharing passwords.

Multi-factor authentication

Improve security with a two-factor authentication (MFA) to Portadi.

Fast employee onboarding

On-board and off-board employees, contractors and partners in seconds.

Usage audits

See what your users do and when, which accounts they use and how often.

TRUST 24/7

preintegrated apps
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custom apps
self-hosted apps like
Drupal, Joomla
since launch

Make all apps visible to your team

Define all web applications that are used in your team. This is the first step to making them easily discoverable.

Set up access rights to each cloud app so that people can always find the right ones in their personal dashboards.

Make all apps visible in a single personalized dashboard
One click login without passwords

Replace passwords with one-click login.

Everyone will have their personal dashboard with all apps you want them to use.

Users will login with a single click, no credentials to enter or remember.

With private accounts Portadi becomes their personal gateway to cloud apps.

One click login without passwords

Control who can access what

Portadi will always answer your questions about who is granted access to which app.

Make other people on your team admins too so you don't have to do all the changes yourself.

With minimal effort, you will manage apps for your team and always be in control.

Control who can access what

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