We set out to build a better password
management for teams.

It often comes as a surprise

Your trusted colleague leaves your team for a different opportunity elsewhere.

It happened to us too, and not just once. What followed was a scramble.

It took weeks to discover and disable all of his cloud accounts, some of them paid, and change passwords for services with shared accounts.

So one day

We decided to do something about it...

Login with one click

You will login into a cloud app without having to enter a username or password. It means one less thing to worry about for you and your team.

See what is going on

See who in your team has access to what cloud app. See which apps are available to outside parties. Evaluate how subscriptions are utilized.

All apps in one place

One place for all cloud apps. From your blogging system to your expense report cloud app, everyone on your team will always know where to find it.

Be in control

You control who can access which cloud app. Give people access to apps they need, revoke access for those who leave your team. All in just seconds.

Setup your team apps. Make the team apps available to others.

Portadi brings all team apps into one place and makes them discoverable. Users sign into their apps without entering any credentials, they just click on the app.

Anyone can also use Portadi for their private apps, like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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The team behind Portadi

Keeps things running. Has a weak spot for all things New Zealand.
Explorer who never stops dreaming. Skis as fast as he codes.